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VoIP is both cheaper and more flexible than ISDN, making it the only sensible choice for your business. Although if you are moving from a traditional PBX or phone system environment, the choices and varying advice can be a daunting concept!

When it come to VoIP, you have two main options, whether to choose to maintain an IP-PBX onsite, this could mean you utilise and existing phone system and merely update the PBX so you can replace analogue or ISDN lines with SIP Trunks, alternatively you can opt for a cloud-hosted solution which is becoming a very popular option due to low entry costs.

A true business grade VoIP solution, offers outstanding service levels and call quality - no echo, no packet loss and no stuttering phone calls. Initial setup, and configuration is vital, so please ensure your telecoms partner has a good track record and experience of this solution. The ongoing admin and management is simple, additional lines and new numbers can easily be added instantly, diverts and renumbering is simple, via an online control panel.

VoIP calls are cheaper than traditional methods and you will benefit from free calls between all your offices and business extensions regardless of their location.

Business Benefits:Number Porting
Keep your phone numbers - even if you are moving office

Intelligent call routing
Provides a low-cost way of managing your key call routing and monitoring multiple contacts or sites, utilising Auto Attendants, Call Scheduling and Hunt Groups

Local Phone Numbers
A VoIP system can have as many incoming numbers as you want, so you have a number for sales, a number for support, etc. These could be local numbers for targeted marking campaigns i.e. numbers for London, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh

Cost Savings and free calls
Very limited on-site kit to be maintained - also all your sites will benefit from free calls to each other.

Additional VoIP lines can be deployed instantly depending on available bandwidth.

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