Not all broadband connections are made equal

A good broadband connection is fast becoming the lifeblood of every business. A fast and reliable connection has become as essential as electricity, broadband is one of the most critical conduits for business communication. You need the right broadband, with the right service levels, from the right supplier.

The reliability of a business's internet connectivity plays a pivotal role in the productivity and efficiency of it's communications between it's colleagues and customers.

Email has changed the way businesses communicate. E-commerce is transforming how businesses sell their products and services. And, most recently, SMEs are turning to the cloud for data storage, business software (accounts packages, CRM software) and telephony services (IP telephony).

Far too often is broadband purchased on price alone, for a business failing to recognise the true value of a robust data connection can be a costly mistake.

In addition to business leased lines and ethernet solutions, Spirit Exsel offer a full spectrum of connectivity solutions across ADSL broadband services that include: superfast Fibre Broadband (FTTC); Converged ADSL Broadband; Business 2+ ADSL and Assured IP Services, which are dedicated to voice (VoIP). Our Broadband Product range is available to more than 99% of UK Businesses.


  • Business Broadband

    We specialise in Business Grade Broadband and our network partners have a “business only” policy meaning the network provides the performance and resilience that business broadband users demand.

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  • Managed FTTC

    Managed FTTC

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  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

    EFM is a true Ethernet product, providing a business with a robust, reliable, fully symmetric speeds and low latency, making it perfect for modern business applications.

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  • Fibre Leased Lines

    Offering a dedicated, secure and low latency, highspeed connection for Voice, Data and Video – all with a free ADSL backup.

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We are Spirit Exsel, we specialise in the installation of Unified Communications solutions for SME’s, providing a fully managed service including mobile, voice, data, cloud, hardware, software, installation and support.

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