Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM is a true Ethernet product, providing a business with a robust, reliable, fully symmetric speeds and low latency, making it perfect for modern business applications.

As companies look to improve the way they communicate with colleagues and customers typically using cloud technology online access to data and collaboration and moving towards Voice over IP instead of traditional equivalents, for improved functionality and flexibility. These changes are meaning robust internet connectivity like EFM is becoming a required, rather than desired service in many small and medium businesses.

EFM's offers symmetric upload and download speeds and guarantees Quality of Service (QoS). Meaning EFM is perfect for supporting voice calls, such as our Hosted VoIP or SIP Trunking services. This means that you may be able to offset the cost of EFM against the replacement of some of your traditional, less cost effective telecoms costs (ISDN lines etc), cost savings are great but there are many other reasons to upgrade to Ethernet connectivity:

  • Fast Speeds: If your business suffers from a slow internet connection, your productivity (and, as a result, your profitability) may be severely impacted: by upgrading to our EFM service, you'll achieve blazing fast speeds at a price which won't hurt your wallet
  • Scalable: Delivered over pairs of copper into your business to allow you to achieve speeds up to 35Mbps, meaning you can grow the solution with the demands of the business.
  • Low Costs: By using existing copper bundles for the delivery of the solution, our EFM service will allow you to enjoy all near fibre quality at a fraction of the cost and without any of the costly set up fees.
  • High Reliability: The multiple-pair nature of the EFM technology combined with Business level service agreements ensure that you receive robust internet connectivity that your business can depend upon.

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