Lines and Calls

Lines and Calls

The spoken word and engaging with our customers is crucial since the first telephone call was made on March 10th 1876 by Scot, Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone has become the commercial backbone of businesses throughout the world.

Since that first call, the technology has changed somewhat, from fixed phones and switchboards to mobile devices and VoIP, these advancements have brought a whole world of possibilities and benefits to the business world. Get in touch and we can help you put these benefits in the context of your business.

Mr. Watson, come here - I want to see you.

Alexander Graham Bell, March 1876


  • Phone Lines

    The backbone of any business is being able to communicate with its customers and colleagues, traditional phone systems will be connected either analogue or digital phonelines.

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  • VoIP for Business

    VoIP is both cheaper and more flexible than ISDN, making it the only sensible choice for your business.

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  • SIP Trunking

    There are now over 2 million SIP channels active in the UK, providing a reliable, flexible and cost-effective alternative to ISDN.

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  • Local Numbers (Inbound)

    Virtual phone numbers mean your business can have phone numbers with any local area code or international code, so you can branch out into new areas or just improve your image.

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We are Spirit Exsel, we specialise in the installation of Unified Communications solutions for SME’s, providing a fully managed service including mobile, voice, data, cloud, hardware, software, installation and support.

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