Phone Lines

Phone Lines

The backbone of any business is being able to communicate with its customers and colleagues, traditional phone systems will be connected either analogue or digital phonelines. Spirit Exsel are able to utilise the resilient UK wide BT infrastructure to provide competitively priced PSTN and ISDN phone services.

To take advantage of these services with Spirit Exsel, there is a simple, managed migration, no requirement to change telephone numbers, no outages, no downtime and the potential to save money too.

As technology advances, there is a shift towards VoIP technology to replace traditional phonelines, this will surely be the case as ISDN is phased out by 2025. Whether you have analogue or digital phone lines that are being used to talk to a customer, connect to the internet, send a fax or are attached to PDQ machine they still have their place in modern business.

There are two types of phone line:

Analogue Lines

These are the traditional standard lines. These can be used for making and receiving calls, they are also used for fax, pdq and very importantly are needed to run a broadband connection over. They can be connected to both analogue and digital telephone systems.

Digital Lines

These are sometimes called digital lines are also used for voice. They come in pairs (ISDN2) and 8 – 30 (ISDN30). They are connected to digital telephone systems, although can also be used to transfer data, sometimes used by recording studios to stream media. One of the features of ISDN is the use of a service called DDI. DDI is direct dial in, meaning that telephone extensions on a telephone system can have their own direct number.

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