SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

There are now over 2 million SIP channels active in the UK, providing a reliable, flexible and cost-effective alternative to ISDN. i.e. SIP trunks replace the ISDN phone lines connected to your phone system. As we move towards ISDN being phased out in 2025 the rise of SIP Trunking will only continue.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) by which Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) deliver voice services and unified communications (UC) to customers equipped with SIP-based phone systems (IP-PBX) and/ or Unified Communications solutions like a SIP enable mobile client or SIP enable pc softphone.

In short SIP Trunking is a direct replacement for ISDN which will cease to operate in 2025, Compared to ISDN our SIP trunking service offers far for value for money, the line rental per channel is cheaper, the provisioning is quicker, the solution is scalable from 1 line to 1000 lines almost instantly, you can be more flexible in how and where geographic telephone numbers can be used. As a standard, we can deliver an extremely robust business continuity solutions.

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We are Spirit Exsel, we specialise in the installation of Unified Communications solutions for SME’s, providing a fully managed service including mobile, voice, data, cloud, hardware, software, installation and support.

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